Pick Up Older Women - How to Seduce Older Women and Cougars

Published: 21st October 2009
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It pretty easy to pick up older women if you know just a few of the secrets used by the experts. Nowadays it seems like people are constantly talking about "cougars" or beautiful older women on the prowl for much younger men. This is certainly not a new idea since mainstream films like The Graduate and American Pie have portrayed young men trying to pick up older women for years. Every day an increasing number of young men are learning the secrets to pick up beautiful older women. Take for example relationships like Ashton Kutcher with Demi Moore who is significantly older than he is. It only takes a few painless steps to pick up stunning older women.

If you'd like to successful attract beautiful older women, then you must learn to appreciate the unique traits older women have to offer their much younger counter parts. Remember to focus on the most positive characteristic of all older women, an abundance of both life experience and sexual experience. Far too often men mistakenly think that only younger women will make a good catch. Of course anyone familiar with dating older women knows that nothing could be more wrong. To truly succeed at seducing older women you must learn to both recognize and appreciate the raw maturity of older women. For example, you're definitely not going to find a lot of forty year old cougars running to the restroom to talk about their dates with a girlfriend.For most men this is usually a surprisingly refreshing change of pace if they are only familiar with dating much younger women.
Another one of the key elements to pick up older women is the ability to maintain a constant air of sophisticated class and intelligence during conversation. The most sought after cougars have likely agonized through countless excruciating dates during their romantic lifetime. Thus, it becomes all the most important to achieve a constant level of charming entertainment while trying to pick up older women. No older woman will ever have an interest in some horny kid that does nothing to stimulate her intellect with conversation. Instead, cougars prefer a sophisticated gentleman to enjoy dinner and fine wine with. The more intelligent and classy you come across, the sooner you can pick her up and the sooner you'll find yourself enjoying her vast sexual experience in the bedroom.
Avoid trying to boast about your own positive attributes or possessions when trying to pick up older women. As a whole, the average woman has become significantly more powerful in the world of corporate affairs. So without a doubt, an older woman will quickly lose interest if you begin to brag about a flashy new car or recent sexual exploits. She will notice you're personal achievements all by herself. Instead, you should always seek to compliment her on her own great accomplishments.

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